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Technical parameters:

    TFT display: 800x480 16:9

    Brightness: 400 cd/m2

    Brightness adjustment: Yes

    Removable panel: No.

    Button illumination: White

    Gesture command: Yes, touch gestures

    Output power: 4x55W

    Preamplifier output: 3x

    Rear camera input: Yes PAL/NTSC automatically

    Parking lines: Yes, fixed - adjustable

    USB input: Yes, 1x front

    USB video formats: MPEG4-SP/AVC(H.264 Baseline)/WMV/MKV/XviD(.mp4/.wmv/.mkv)

    Audio formats: PCM/MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC(.wav/.mp3/.wma/.m4a/.flac)

    AUX input: Yes

    DSO: Yes dynamic stage organizer

    Bluetooth version 3.0

    RDS: Yes

    A2DP: Yes


        frequency range: 174.928 MHz - 239.200 MHz

        antenna connector: connector for external DAB antenna

    Dimensions: 178 x 100 x 133 mm (w/h/d)

    Mounting dimensions: 182 x 111 x 120 mm (w/h/d)


    Before installation, it is necessary to verify whether it is necessary to use a plastic frame and ISO cabling, or other accessories for a specific type of vehicle.

    To mirror, you need to download the "Weblink Host App" application to your phone

    The radio does not support the original active vehicle audio system if the vehicle is equipped with one from the factory. The unit does not support the display of comfort functions (such as air conditioning) if the original radio supported it.

Package contents:

radio head unit, ISO cabling, external microphone

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