Auto audio lielveikals

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Delay remote output.

Input Level Control (0dB - 24dB)

Low-pass reversable phase (0° - 90° - 180°).

Variable input sensitivity 250mV to 7V.

Low-pass stereo / mono mode

Output Level 15V/RMS

Channel Separation 65dB.

Signal to Noise Ratio 96dB.

Thermal, Overload and Short-circuit protection.

Excellent muting circuitry assures no turn on/off ‘pops’.

Remote control with triple function.

Center Frequency tuning from 30Hz - 400Hz.

Adjustable band-width (Q2 - Q20).

Variable Output Level Control.

Fuse rating: 1A.

Dimensions: 180 x 160 x 33mm.

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