Auto audio lielveikals

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1 Tetolon® dome, a combination of silk and cotton with
proprietary damping treatment, provides low
mass and resonance-free response up to
ultrasonic frequencies.
2 CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil wound
on double layer, extremely lightweight and
compact, resulting very high efficiency and a crisp,
dynamic sound.
3 The annular geometry of the Rear Damping Chamber,
together with the proprietary damping material, extends
the frequency response to lower limits and reduces
harmonic distortion.
4 High flux density Neodymium® magnet, for very high
efficiency and dynamic sound.


28 mm

Frekvenču diapazons:

1.200 - 22.000 Hz


92 dB

Maksimāla jauda:

180 W

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