Auto audio lielveikals

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The Hertz SPL Show subwoofers are the ideal solution for building mobile audio systems with emphasis placed on low frequency power and impact.
Featuring a stacked triple magnet motor assembly and 2 + 2 ohm dual voice coil, the three models, SX 250D, SX 300D, SX 380D differ only in their cone diameter: 250 mm, 300 mm, 380 mm respectively.
The SPL Show moving assembly is designed to ensure long and linear excursion. They feature a dual spider design and a four-layer voice coil wound on an extraordinary long aluminium former.
The Back Vented Spider Support decreases voice coil operating temperature, even during enhanced SPL usage. By connecting the two voice coils in parallel, impedance is cut in half, making the most of the amplifier's available power and achieving even higher sound pressure levels.


380 mm

Frekvenču diapazons:

25 - 600 Hz

Maksimāla jauda:

4000 W

Nomināla jauda:

1000 W

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