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Antenna; 0.17m; DVB-T; coaxial 9.5mm; magnet

10.00 €

Jupiter HP04

Antena analogā un digitālā (DVB-T, DAB) TV signāla uztveršanai

15.00 €

Aktīvā DVB-T digitālās TV antena

Aktīvā DVB-T digitālās TV antena

25.00 €


TV antenna+MiniJack

27.03 €


TV antenna+SMB

27.03 €

Caliber ANT 950

On-glass mounting, with an integrated amplifier The antenna itself can be seen trough Frequency range: 446MHz - 862MHz Operation voltage 9~16V Impedance: 75W Cable with F type connector (male)

30.00 €


Antenna; 410mm; DVB-T; coaxial 9.5mm

35.00 €


Aktīva automašīnas antena 360° TV/FM

37.00 €

Alpine KAE-205DV

Antena DVB Komplekts priekš TUE-T200DVB

50.00 €


DESCRIPTION Internal analogue and digital TV Antennas with adhesive on-glass mounting. VERSIONS AND TECHNICAL DATA DARK TV ANTENNA cod. 7137121 TV cable: L = 3 m / Z = 75 Ohm TV connector: Mini jack mono 3,5 mm male plus adapter cable Mini jack female - F male for digital terrestrial Power : 12V Frequency band: 44-68 MHz / 174-230 Mhz (III band) / 470-862 Mhz (IV and V band)...

60.00 €

Alpine KAE-210DV

This product is an amplified screen antenna for TUE-T200DVB and consists of two pieces per set. The antenna itself is the already existing Funke model No. ADSC 410-345T

73.00 €
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